Winter Olympics Sochi: Men's Hockey CANADA VS SWEDEN!

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  1. So today was the semi finals, Canada VS United States and Canada won 1-0!
    And that means its Canada VS Sweden for gold! So I thought about making a rupee giveaway.

    So I will have 2 sides Canada and Sweden, you either pick Canada or Sweden and pick a number from 1-10, example: Canada, Number 5!

    How I will be giving the rupees away: I am giving away 10,000 and 5,000 rupees, When the game is over and we have a winner, I will give away the rupees. It is like a normal rupees giveaway but a bit different, so when we have a winner, I will choose a number from the side that won and the number I get is the winner of 10k, I will do the same thing but for the winner of silver and they get 5k, example: Canada wins the game, I go on I do what I have to do, and say it rolls the number 5 so whoever is number 5 and on Canada's side wins 10k, and Sweden got silver so ill re-roll the thing, and it lands on 8 whoever is on number 8 and on Sweden gets 5k.

    I hope this isn't very confusing xD

    Goodluck to Sweden and Canada!!

    Canada Sweden
    1.Olaf_c 1.
    2.kyle12cu1 2.
    3.boozle628 3.ark_warrior1
    4.canuckshockey 4.
    5.princebee 5.
    6. 6. Champ4now
    7.ninjaboy5656 7. Qwerty189
    8.Luckypat 8.
    9. 9.
    10.cowland123 10.

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  2. Sweden 6 Please.
  3. Read this on Ifunny:

    The looser keeps bieber.

  4. #Canada4Life, 7 please. :)
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  5. Sweden 4 please.
  6. #CanadaForGold
    Canada 5
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  7. Canada Vs US had a good game today.
    Any ways of course Canada with # 8
  8. Canada all the way #4 plox
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  9. Of course we will win that match! Sweden for GOLD!:)
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  10. 7 is taken kyle, ill put you as 2 :)
  11. Canada 3 please. :3
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  12. 1 please. Go Canada!
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  13. Canada, 10 (If it's not taken) :D
    Thanks for the giveaway!
  14. Bump Bump! Canada winning 2-0 end of second! Come on guys, we need to fill this chart up :)
  15. 3 - 0 For Canada!
  16. Canada wins!
  17. Canada Wins GOLD!