Winter Moon Island

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  1. In this thread I would like to ask some of you to join our small little community called Winter Moon Island. As of late our island has become quite inactive and hopefully this thread will get it noticed. If you would like to join just post it in this thread so we know you wish to be apart of our island.

    The back story of this community goes pretty far back into 2012, at that time we had plenty of members but I suppose people have just lost their interest. Now that BilboBaggins23 and I have put forth some effort into reviving this lost gem maybe we can make it happen.

    Anyways feel free to ask any of your questions here, peace.
    - It's smp7 by the way =)
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  2. I'm on smp7, is it near town? There are a handful of players in town that are starting to explore the wilderness and nether. They might make good recruits.
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  3. Ah yes, where Bilbo destroyed my cute little hut ;)
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  4. Sorry for the late reply, it is very easy to get there by nether travel, we'll be glad to guide you :)

    It disappeared in space and time.
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