Winter jam 2013

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  1. So I just went to winter jam yesterday, and was wondering if anyone else did. If you did, or if you have previously this year, feel free to tell what your favorite band and song was. THIS IS A CHRISTIAN THREAD NO OFFENSIVE COMMENTS PLEASE
  2. i'm going soon. Can't wait to see Jamie Grace! :D
  3. Yeah she was pretty good. Red has a surprise during their songs and at the end of the last song. I won't give away the surprise though :)
  4. ...Winter Jam?...
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  5. It's a christian concert with 44 concerts starting recently they were in Fort Wayne yesterday.
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  7. You should probably note that in the OP, so that people get a fair warning of what might come.
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  8. I would dislike that if i could :/
  9. Agreed with jtc, that's an extremely offensive comment.
  10. Not really... All he is saying is that he has nothing to do here. Which is specific to each person. If you had put a warning/note in the OP, then he wouldnt have gotten involved in the first place.
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  11. I believe he meant that because it was a Christian concert he said nothing to dohere
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  12. I know, and that is specific to each person. He was just citing the reason for his post.
  13. There really should be a warning
    Before the storm comes...
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  14. There
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  15. Thank you:D
  16. No problem, now if people post offensive comments ill know 1) they didn't read the first post or 2) they pay no heed to warnings
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  17. That's what I meant - in a way. I don't see how it's offensive. I am an athiest, so a christian concert doesn't appeal to me. Should have put that in the OP if it offends you that much.
  18. i'm not going to argue, and Jacob, i advise you do the same. "A real Christian does not argue with an Atheist, but prays for them insted." you bet that's what i'm doing right now
  19. It's just fun reading all the forum threads and reading all these discussions and arguments xD
  20. Oh god, it is already starting. Can we get a thread lock now or should we wait until this turns into a massive argument?
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