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Fail or not?

Not fail. 5 vote(s) 23.8%
Fail. 16 vote(s) 76.2%
  1. 18 days - 18 days until possibly the worst OS in HISTORY arrives. It takes away freedom, its ment for tablets, the logo is horrible and it takes away what people use windows for - Gaming.

    I personally, will not be getting it. It looked interesting at first, and then I tried it out for myself when they released the beta - I was shocked at what they did to my favourite OS.

    Your thoughts on Windows 8?
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  2. I will stick with Windows 7.
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  3. I will run Windows 8 on VMware to test it out.
    But I will stick to Windows 7
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  4. I liked it at first. But then they made it you have to buy EVERYTHING from the Windows Store. It would have been the first Windows that I liked.
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  5. Same with me. I believe they took the start menu away, right? I cabt believe they are centering something so important around a small hype (tablets).
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  6. Windows 8 will be one of the biggest fails in existence - Even Microsoft knows this - So they reduce the price of the OS to compensate.
  7. I absolutely hate the idea of Windows 8. Its stupid. Windows 7 still prevails.
  8. Microsoft has been on a hit and miss cycle since they started the company.

    windows before 3.1 was all misses, basically. 3.1 and 3.11 were hits.
    windows 95 was a hit.
    windows 98 was a hit despite it's terrible unreliability.
    windows m.e. was a miss.
    windows 2000 was a hit. same with xp.
    windows vista was a miss.
    windows 7 is a hit.
    windows 8 is a miss.

    see a pattern? I sure do. one or two hits with a miss inbetween each to create a cyclic pattern.

    then there are the total flops, not just misses. like microsoft bob OS. vista and 8 would almost fit into this category but MS is/had been putting so much behind them that a lot of people will/have get them anyway.
  9. 95 was a hit
    98 was very popular (Everyone used it but nobody liked it (Looking at you windows vista))
    2000 was a hit (Purely because everyone went GTFO to 98)
    ME was the biggest fail since time began
    XP was amazing
    Vista was the second biggest faial
    7 Amazing
    8 Beats ME at failness
    9 Start button back = Hit.
  10. So you seem to agree with my statements but prefer using different terms. OK.
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  11. Indeed :)
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  12. Thats is they survive to make a 9. Google is now more valuable than Microsoft.
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  13. It will get to the point where all new PCs will be sold with Windows 8 anyway, so we might as well get used to it.
  14. There are reasonings for why each was a "hit" or "miss"

    windows 95 was a hit because it was fully stable software with a great GUI that really put the only competitors in the market to shame.

    windows 98 was a hit, because it was all in all, just an addition or expansion off the already popular 95 system, no core was changed, some features were added, at the same time, all these "New" Features bloated the software, and cracked a lot of seams that were not ready for alot of the additions.

    windows m.e. was a miss/windows 2000 was hit

    both were released close to the same time... but their differences were for reasons. The NT based system that Microsoft had been using had been limited to their business side models.. (like 2000 and Windows NT) While 2000 was released as more of business framework, the general microsoft population enjoyed it more than ME because, well, anybody that upgraded from 98 to ME knew, that a lot of what you used, such as older disk utilities, no longer functioned. This was where windows noticed its NT core system could be used to make a popular general PC user experience so thus...

    Windows XP, or eXPress. It introduced the Windows NT core framework to the home computer use, as well as the current release module that Microsoft uses now. Home, Business, Ultimate. It was generally successful because of marketing. XP was very stable compared to its older brothers. And, early on, due to the newness of the NT system, it led to smaller virus exposure. That changed quickly once popularity picked up.

    Vista-- Now, I used vista from the day it came out, until the day 7 hit the shelves. It was a difficult system to use compared to XP, it was definitely infuriating. However, It was just a rush on a needed change. They redesigned windows from the ground up and, just like Mojang with Minecraft, found their release date looming to soon with still so much to do. It was a rough time in the windows community, because of the reVamp, hardly anything was compatatible.. and drivers were hard to find, and created stress everywhere.

    windows 7 in comparison to vista.. .was awesome. But not simply by itself. It took from the failure (if you can even call it that, still made millions :p) of vista, and just adjusted. Now that everything was releasing drivers and becoming more compatible with vista, Microsoft took out alot of the bulk, alterered the User experience only slightly, and pushed the new system. It runs smoother, and now more things support the new system. However, anyone who knew how, could get rid of the bulk of vista and towards the end had plenty of device support. So, there was not alot of system changes.. just good timing :p.

    windows 8 is really microsoft having a bad idea. They are getting rid of their current mobile OS, due to its failing-ness. and They are making an OS that can be used on any compatible device. Sort of like Android OS. But, they are going to headstrong on table support and not thinking about the average PC user who enjoys their windows. As a tablet software, looks awesome.. I have seen it on that new Nokia phone with windows 8 beta on it. It seems good for touchscreen devices. I just do not want it on my computer :p.

    Oh also, you have the option to add the startbutton back. Its just off by default. Again, 8 is geared towards the touchscreen boom that is happening right now. Not even just tablets and phones, but an OS that is easily used for touchsceen/table computers.
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  15. You can't do that.
  16. Yeah you can, i am running the beta on VMware, its an option :p.
  17. That half assed attempt of a right click? How do you add it back properly.
  18. And this what I like about Mac. They might not have big updates (Though they make a big hype about them) but they put effort into them and make them stable. Though they are starting to get a little buggier. Mac OS 10.8 has some bugs with internet connection but I think that is only with older devices.
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  19. Windows 8 was good but they're just putting to much effort into making it bad it seems. I personally don't hate the "new" start menu but I honestly like the way they've always done it, a simple pop up box with a couple of links. One of my pet-hates about windows 8 is the new logo; they've been working for so long to improve the 4 colour 3D one and now they're deserting it for some 2D slanted squares. Hopefully in Windows 9 they'll realize what they've done and go back to the way things used to be. You and I can probably understand though why they've made they're logo 2D, everyone is going back to 2D logos now :(
  20. You have plenty of options do download free little programs that just add the old start menu back to desktop. I can link you to some if you want. They really add back the "Windows" feel.
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