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  1. Hey folks! Not many People know/think about Windows 8 being here, but you can actually get it! I downloaded and installed it like an hour ago, and it took me like 20 minutes to complete the whole setup and everything. As far as I've tested it, it's GREAT! This is really something different than any other version of Windows. :D So if you want to check it out, just Google it and you should find it pretty quick. Currently I am just playing some of my Gorillaz Music, and for some EXTREMELY cool reason when I go to the Music section it automatically finds Pictures of the band that it shows along With the song!! Amazing! Only thing I find a pain is that I don't have the regular start menu, so it's hard to find Paint so I can save some screenshots for you guys to enjoy :p

    Quick notice: If you want to Return to Windows XP/Vista/7 back it up BEFORE installing Windows 8. (Making that as visible as possible in case somebody does something stupid)
  2. I hope its not a fake version and its hacking everyone that installs it.... I am going to decide NOT to install it because I dont like taking risks...
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  3. Windows 8 is going to be based too much around tablets...
  4. I generally hate windows but 8 is different. It actually works and is useful.
  5. Are you kidding? Windows 7 runs like a DREAM!
    EDIT: At least for me, it does!:p
  6. I used Windows 7, and I like it alot :p But 8 is different, and not as "old school" if I may say so :)
  7. Im not too informed on it, but im not a fan at all of the tile design...
  8. i use vista
    i tried 7 and i hated it
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  9. It complicated, I'll tell you that much ._.
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  10. ^_^
  11. This explains A LOT...
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  12. I'll wait until they officially release it, Anyone who downloads it before it's officially released will have to pay 109.99 for it instead of 40.00
  13. 8 still has the same interface as 7, but also has the Metro interface by default, I remember watching a demo of it.
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