[Win-Win Service] Momentus Hunter

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    Found a Momentus? Don't have the supplies to kill it? Well, fear not! I'll kill it for you! However, make sure you read EVERYTHING on this thread if you are planning or even considering using this!
    I will pay you 1,000 rupees if you allow me to kill a Momentus while following the mentioned guidelines. However, I keep all drops.
    Cannot be more than 10,000 blocks out in the Frontier (can be anywhere in Wastelands) and cannot be in SMP8 Frontier. You may NOT so much as punch the Momentus! The Momentus must be completely unharmed in all ways! When I begin to fight the Momentus, you may not intervene, so it is STRONGLY suggested you move well out of the vacuum range.
    This service is only available if I am online. If you shoot me a private message on the forums, I will see it and come to your aid. You may not lose the Momentus during this time! Keep on eye on it until my arrival. If for any reason I am online and cannot come to your aid, you will get an automatic 500 rupees as an apology.
    Q: Why is this only for Momentus and not for Marlix as well?
    A: Marlix move randomly and quickly, so it would be hard not to lose one.
    Q: Can I use this service multiple times?
    A: Sure! However, it won't earn you multiple entries in the giveaway mentioned below.
    Q: Is there anything I can do to help make your job easier?
    A: Yup! If in a desert, I'd appreciate it if you cleared some cacti away. They are extremely annoying during a miniboss battle.
    Okay, I think that's everything! Feel free to ask questions.
    Oh, and did I mention that if I get at least five Momentus kills from this service, I'll hold a giveaway for one Vault Voucher for all service users? Well, I mentioned it now! :D
    That's all I have to say. Thanks!
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