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  1. So I claimed another res: 9139 and dont know what to do with it so anyone who gives the best idea wins 5k! And I may give second and third prizes but who knows ;)

    Just post your idea below

    Closing: TBC
    Winner: TBC

    Fellyboy; a shopping centre selling loads! Kinda like 9000 + 9256

    mr_petter; A giant spaceship

    diamond_viper111; A minecraft mushroom res

    Faithcaster; a five temple (I now know what a Five Temple is ;))

    coffee_bullet; Giant chicken/my skin. Farming res

    codygraw101; Casino (I have a shop ;)) Pixel art of people

    LuxaryMushroom; Something I havnt built

    Kman122000; Something epic

    Liasen; Giant old ship
  2. Make A giant farming res for everyone to use
    Giant Auto Melon Farm
    Giant Auto Sugar Cane Farm
    Giant Auto Pumkin Farm
    Giant Villager trading area

    Another Idea
    Build your skin

    Build A giant chicken!!!!!!!!
  3. Make a shop of sorts if you dont have one.
    Make a casino.

    EDIT: Make Pixel-art of people or minecraft items.
  4. What haven't you already build - like what haven't you never tried to build :D?
    something what fits and something what is hard but possible to make
  5. Make something impressive. All I have to say.
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  6. OP Updated
  7. Fill your residence with water, then build a giant ship in 1700-1800 style with sails, cannons and all that awesome stuff:D And in the water you can build a giant octopus or sharks or something. Your whole residence will be an awesome piece of art to the Empire:)
  8. Maybe build a ship next to the other ship, then it will look like it's a naval battle:D
  9. A reconstruction of the End, with a wool dragon that looks like its about to fly into people when they TP to the res.
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  10. I've always thought of one of them and wont be doing it sorry! :p
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  11. Why not?
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  12. That res use to belong to ADDKiD124.. The cheapest shop in smp4.. Oh well. I say you build a Minecraft biome.
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  13. I say you should dig out your whole res and build a gigantic space ship........ HUGE
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  14. Make a fire temple
  15. Funny enough the res' are owned by;

    9139 - Me
    9140 - Me
    9141 - Me
    9281 - Me
    9280 - Fellyboy ma bro
    9279 - ben_taylor10 ma friend so we have 6 res' close together.

    He hasnt been on for 45 days + so its running out of stock

    Also wanna build my idea that I choose?

    Cus i dont want too ;)

    Nice idea ;)
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  16. a big diamond block statue or a giant statue of your player skin or a big mushroom mansion ( use silk touch to collect mushroom and make a mushroom place ) or a big haunted mansion with a sewer or a big earth or a giant gir or a hotel (if u dont have 1 ) or a gold block mansion or a stronghold (without portal obviously :p ) .

    EDIT: a giant jaffa cake with lava as jam or a castle (some people have one but..oh well :p ) or a giant glass of chocolate milk with brown wool as the chocolate milk and a big dinner on a plate or u could dig out all ur res to bedrock and make a huge rollercoaster
  17. What about my idea?:oops:
  18. i have loads more ideas wnt them?
  19. Master Chief! (Must be in 3D no lame 2D pixel art)