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What time is it?

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  1. As of now I have sent all my close friends (and a few players that I have found worthy) a XX-Mas present.
    Since the XX-Mas gifts included a signed book by me and is limited. I will be giving away 2 more of the XX-Mas packages to 2 lucky people.

    TO ENTER: Just reply to this post wishing EMC a Merry Christmas.
    WINNER: 2 Winners will be drawn by Bro_im_infinite on the 1st January definitly before the 2nd of January. Entries close on the 31th at midnight Melbourne, Australia time (if you don't know when that is Google it its not hard to figure it out).

    Winners will receive their gifts by mail.

    Merry Christmas, Holiday Season, Seasons Greetings and a Happay New Year!!!
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  2. Have A Happy Christmas And A Merry New Year :D

    Enter Me

    Edit: First !
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  3. Merry Christmas EMC! :)
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  4. I want in

    PS squids
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  5. Oh the town spawns outside are lighting,
    The players, all delighted,
    And what they all want to know, is
    Will it snow,
    Will it snow,
    Will it snow?

    Merry Christmas EMC!
    Yeah, I have no career in song writing :p
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  6. merry christmas dudes

    whoa my face is ugly
  7. Woot! Opened my presents (IRL) about two + half hours ago ... got lots of nice stuff :)

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!
  8. Merry Christmas EMC!
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  9. Merry Christmas, thanks for doing this too!
  10. Merry Christmas EMC :D
  11. Have a very Merry Christmas EMC (even though my Christmas was yesterday :p)
  12. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. ( please don't enter me just wanted to wish everyone merry Christmas )
  13. ɔɯǝ 'sɐɯʇsıɹɥɔ ʎɹɹǝɯ
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  14. Merry Christmas EMC!

    Thanks for this event Skare!
  15. Merry X-Mas EMC (Couple days late :p)
    Question: What is special about these books?
  16. Dear EMC,
    Merry Christmas to you,
    I hope that all is well, and that your continued survival is in the plans.
    And a happy new year to you.

    P.S.: To everyone else: Merry Christmas, I know it's a bit late but better late than never. You all are awesome!
  17. Yo homie, you know how we do.

    Merry Christmas EMC!!!

    - Green gang leader