Willing to pay for a blaze spawner (location)

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  1. My previous blaze spawner i was using was found/griefed. Now i am looking for a new one, so i am offering someone 1,500R for a blaze spawner location. Let me know if you are interested ;)
    EDIT: I would prefer it to be on Utopia (2000R payment) But if not, i will still accept it
  2. I might.....
  3. I know where one on smp6 is :) do I get rupees for telling you? Lol
  4. lol Jack, How bout i don't pay you, and just consider it a donation for your egg. If i get another blaze spawner, ill donate a couple thousand to ya
    *EDIT: If you still need money for it, im not sure if you finished up the thing or not*
  5. XD it's on smp 6 and I'm lazy. I'll show youcsomtim lol. Its just a shell. Not even a building yet because I found it
  6. I know where a few are on utopia, or at least I did, I didn't note down coordinates but remember around abouts where they were, I'd be happy to show you for free, however they aren't particularly close to spawn.
  7. Well a utopia spawn would be appreciated, however i will not be on later. If you can remember where one is, id love to know the location (closest and most hidden to the spawn) ofcourse
  8. I know where a close one is in smp4
  9. Is it far from the spawn? I know that regular servers are High-grief in the wild/nether. Would be a shame to lose that real quickly :mad:
  10. Utopia still DOES get greifed as we now know..... It's a walks from the spawn yeah. It's never been discovered and could easily hide it
  11. Yeah, i know grief is in utopia, but less traffic in utopia = less chance to grief (hopefully)
    TYhat spawneer did last us a good bit
  12. I'm gonna go on adventure as soon as I find some arrows to buy, I'll retrace my steps and note down precise coordinates and send them to you in inbox, I think I know where ~5 are that I haven't shown others (I'm not sure I should show you the ones I showed others first)