Willing to pay 20k for a very good spawner spot

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  1. I prefer 2 spawners or more :) anybody have any?
  2. Yea free 1000x spawner at -1012038123012, -1239123861231203 xD jk
  3. Please don't troll
  4. alright, alright, but those double spawners become rarer and rarer...I found one the other day after months of searching, but my idiot friend thought it was like diamonds or something (to this day i do not kno) and he destroyed it...I can offer you a spot for a zombie spawner at a lower price though...
  5. I have seen a 5x spawner
  6. I have too on youtube, but I'm not sure that counts...Sure people have found the seed for it and shown it in vids, but i can easily create something just like that with too many items (Yes, you can change the spawner types...)
  7. I am talking about Empire
  8. Really :O Nice Job!
    I'm serious that must have been a legendary find!
    What did you do with it?
  9. Nothing
  10. I have a 5x. and another is being auctioned off atm.
  11. Do you know if it still where you saw it? if so ill pay you for the coords.
  12. can i get one for like 22k?
  13. I have no idea not even the server
  14. a 5x for 20k? lol no. with that price ur gonna get a 2x or an unbuilt 3x
  15. lol darn ill get a good one one day even if i have to end up making one myself.