Will the wilderness be reset after 1.3?

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  1. Just a quick question as it says in the title, as I'm considering doing a new build but I dont want to see it vanish in a month.
  2. Odds of a reset is very low due to no new biomes and the new ore emerald is very rare compared to diamonds, also the temples and etc that map generated would be waste because it would be greifed with a week. Sooo Build on in the wild:D
  3. Just build in the town, if you worried your creation is going to be destroyed. If this wild was reset, I would laugh pretty hard. For the next few days, noobs would be all like, lolwhut? At least thats what happened for when it happened for 1.8
  4. I wasn't planning a design so much as a wildy outpost.
  5. Well, then go right ahead. I suggest building far away, and make it semi hidden. You dont want pesky griefers, now do you?
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  6. Yes those pesky griefers can only be taken down by a trusty shotgun :D
  7. Well, they are IceCreamCows lunch.
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  8. I really, really doubt that the wild will be reset after EMC has updated to 1.3 :)
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  9. Go for it... there have been several discussions about a wild reset, and there has been enough people against the reset that there wont be one any time soon. Have fun :)
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  10. Most people should be able to look at the new stuff anyway with there friends through LAN play