Will the wild have to be reset when 1.3 comes out?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Jwlpo, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. If i remember correctly in the next update there will be new naturally spawning structures. So will the wild have to be reset?
  2. Oh not this again.
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  3. we don't know yet, its if the server admins think it should, if not structures will be farther out, in the black area you see on the live map
  4. Has this been asked before? I didnt check, if so im sorry
  5. Yes and it usually ends up in a heated argument.
  6. Its ok. And to answer your question, no it wont have to be reset:)
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  7. This has been asked before. In the last update it was reset because of the way the new did not mach the old. If the way the biomes are created has not changed and it is only "building" related, then it is likely there will not be a reset.
  8. I wish people would use the search feature :/

    No, we really doubt it.
  9. i would like an official thread for this. we know when the update is. lets just do the vote now so no on can ask anymore. it would be nice wouldn't it? i for 1 dont want a reset as im building something big in the wild and i dont want the 3-4k i spent SO FAR to go to waste.
  10. I would vote no because the LLO would have a riot
  11. Hopefully not, everyone has there mob grinders and diamond mines. I think all we need to do is go further out into the wild(unloaded world).
  12. i live right on the edge on the big pre-generated circle. i had 102 diamonds at one point. ( gotta love fortune ) :D
  13. Nah, I don't think we should. It's just emeralds and jungle temples being added, right? You can just walk over to non-generated land and mine there. They're both rare as anyways.
  14. NOOO, my 3 grinders, (not connected)
  15. Yep:D
  16. You know on science TV shows, when they start talking about atoms and quarks, or the size of the universe, or similar... there's always some scientist who says, "we simply don't know".

    Mojang have said that 1.3 should be released on/around 1 August. It will not be exactly the same as the recent snapshots. It's very likely to include emeralds, and sandstone villages with pyramids. Maybe more stuff; we simply don't know.

    We should not update immediately, because we won't be able to connect to EMC until they allow the update.

    EMC have already been working to prepare. Once the update actually happens, they'll tell us what to do.

    If there is the possibility of a wild reset, EMC will explain why, and that is when we should discuss it.

    I am absolutely sure that, if there is any possibility of a wild reset, there will be an extensive discussion on here. It isn't going to be reset without notice.

    There is no point in a vote or discussion right now, because we simply don't know.
  17. Im all for the wild reset.
  18. It's generally down to a community vote when the time comes.
  19. I am not.
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  20. As many people that has Wilderness outposts/towns? That would be rather Tedious to go and re-build all of such structures. I'm not all that happy about it myself, if it does happen. But if it does there is not much we can do about it.