Will the server reset the worlds when the new update comes out

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do you think they should reset the wild and neather

yes 10 vote(s) 26.3%
no 22 vote(s) 57.9%
maybe 6 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. hello,

    I have heard alot of rumours that when the new update comes out they will reset the wild and the neather to apply the new things. if they do this i think it would be good but they should give us a warning before they do.
  2. When they do update, give us at least a week and a warning before they do so people wont just be totally suprised when they do and rave on the forums about how they lost all their items, and so they can have some time to update the plugins. When they do update though they should let us keep the rupees we have.
  3. I wouldnt like a reset at all
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  4. They will give a notice IF the wilderness / nether are going to be resetted. The last time a reset took place, we had access to /vault in the wilderness / nether for 1 week to move all our valuables back to town safely.
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  5. Correct indeed
  6. Argh I has to type this all over again.....

    Their is NO reason for a wild reset, nothing new coming. Yes theirs pyramids and temples but the pyramids are made out of craftable materials, and the treasure it provides just go kill a mob or mine. And for temples the same thing for the treasure! But for the mossy cobble and cobble you can go mine all that too. Trip wires are craftable also so theirs NO reason for a wild reset. And for the emeralds you can get them from villagers. If Justin is going to reset the would, reset it FAR out instead of close in because theirs major clans like the LLO and they worked hard to make their huge " base " so resetting the wild is a bad decision. I hope Justin DOESN'T reset the wild.

    And I typed the WHOLE thing on my iPod touch. And it took a while.

    I hope you guy can understand that a wild reset is a bad decision.
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  7. i see why so many people would hate a wild reset because of all the bases being built and also nobody wants to waste 5k on a mob grinder and lose it since 5k is a lot to most players
  8. If there were a need to have a wild reset, there would be a vote for it, just like last time.
  9. Leowaste would FREAK.
  10. i would to because my grinder would be gone and im used to the greifed look of the wild now
  11. I just go on utopia XD
  12. i would vote yes, but then I could get wood from the trees at the wild and not walk all the way back to protected spawn and home to get the wood. But maybe no, because then the exp grinders and mines would be reset. *Sad Face*
  13. i can't :(
  14. just make an underground tree farm and that should handle you wood needs
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  15. Yeah, good point.
  16. Wild reset=NO. Nether reset=maybe. There is no good reason to reset the wild.
  17. Because of answering this question about 200 times in the past month, I am supporting resetting every world including the towns to implement Hardcore and Large Biomes on every map. Then when people die, it is their own fault they can't log back onto the server.. :)
  18. Way to bump an old thread.. and no reset! Not needed for a messy spawn.
  19. its already been stated we are not resetting any world for the update.
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  20. Guess those temples and emeralds are gonna be really hard to come by now. Better pack my traveling bag.