Will The New Empire Minecraft Severs of 1.2 Delete our Resident?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by lonskyboy01, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. I have been thinking about it since the 1.2 Minecraft has been released will the new Server of Smp1 Smp2 and so on be erasing our residents?
  2. No, nobody will have their residence erased. :)
  3. No way, dont worry.
  4. when will emc will updated?
  5. As soon as justin works out the details of the coding and finishes migrating his modifications over. No ETA but maybe a few days to a week.
  6. WHEN BUKKIT RELEASES A STABLE VERSION OF RC5!! [/repeating myself again!]
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  7. ok well i already upgraded to 1.2 to :( not purposely so i cant play on emc so can u please try to make it so my res doesnt get erased cuz of inactivity
  8. You should start a private conversation with Justin about this.
  9. how do i do tht
  10. Will there be a wild reset?
  11. well first of all bigfred there are ways to downgrade like Digiex Minecraft Launcher. That allows you to play any version of minecraft ever released. And kirby yes there will probably be a wild reset because alot of people will want to get some jungle biomes in. Alot of people want to see and test the new features of 1.2 so wilderness will proabably be reset
  12. Justin has stated in another thread that he's temporarily freezing the derelict policy so people that have upgraded to 1.2 before EMC was ready and are having no luck reverting don't lose their lots. There's a multitude of threads already on the forums here that offer different methods for downgrading MC back to 1.1 so you can play on EMC again. MCNostalgia, Digiex, and if you're on Windows 7, attempting to restore the .minecraft folder to a date prior to updating to 1.2.
  13. Downgrade your minecraft version, just google a minecraft 1.1 jar file.
  14. Thx everyone
  15. thanks
  16. :( why is is my new ocelot despawned
  17. Totally unrelated but,
    Meaning that you have to tame them so that they wont despawn.
    Also, check out the article on ocelots.