Will rarity of Enderdragon Eggs go down?

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  1. Justin and Jeremy have recently been discusing creating some sort of an Enderdragon Spawn, or somthing of the sorts. I wanted to know wether or not this roumer was true or not. Recently, an auction for the Dragon Egg's has started, and the cost is high. If more eggs are created, though, then the rarity would drop, and the price would hence become void. If anyone has any more details, please feel free to comment. Thanks.
  2. This is true. He said it in the smp5 launched discussion that hes gonna make someway for more people to fight a dragon and earn a egg.
  3. Shouldn't there be community imput? I mean, personnaly I don't own an egg, nor do I accpect anyone but rich diamond members will, but is it not a novelty that theres only one per server? I think there should be more consideration by the community.
  4. i think it should be worthless, just like any other trophy. it's a symbol of your achievement, in this case defeating the ender dragon. who gets it first could be some kind of hall of fame entry, but limiting the egg to make it more valuable, that just makes it an item to brag to others about your wealth.
  5. Not really about your wealth, its not a bragging right, but a piece of admiration :O Personally I just dont belive that there should be many
  6. Yah there would be no point of the egg since the reasaon people want it is that there was only 1 per server but the reason justin is making more people the chance to get an egg is because of all the drama it caused on who would get the egg and such. So the egg would be worthless until jeb adds a use to it (pet ender dragons would be cool)
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  7. Well the hall of fame entry is probably also gonna cause drama on whos gonna get on it since the reason they took out the egg is because of the drama it caused on whos gonna get it.
  8. It is true that Justin would like to find a way to repeatedly 'reset' the end, but it is for the killing of the dragon and xp points, not so much for the dragon egg. Many players would love the opportunity to be part of a team and kill the dragon, and while the dragon egg is a nice trophy, it is essentially just that, a trophy. It doesn't serve any real purpose other then sitting on a podium. If Justin is able to find a way to reset the end, it is unclear whether it will be a complete reset, or just the ability to 'summon' another dragon. If this is the case it would mean that although the dragon respawns, the dragon egg and the rest of 'the end' will remain as it was, and the dragon eggs will keep their original trophy status.
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  9. build a statue out of diamond blocks. if you didn't kill the dragon to get it, then what is it about other than wealth, or a symbol of it?
  10. one of the most sensible posts about the ender egg i have seen. We do not know what future updates will make the egg do. Maybe in the future it will be beneficial for everyone to have one, or at least have the chance to fight and get one. And either way, to get the egg, you still have to fight the ender dragon, which is in no way an easy feat.
  11. Well said Shaun. I just think some things should be left as trophys, OR as a symbol of wealth. Is there any harm to either? Not really, unless your the obnoxious type :)
  12. Agree - who knows what the egg will do in two or three updates from now? Pet dragon would be awesome... one that you could saddle and ride would be the end-all-be-all form of transportation. How much would you pay for a form of fast-travel like that??
    On another note, what exactly does it mean to "kill" an ender dragon?
    Most people don't (can't) do it on their own... it takes a team of people and some time and effort. Do you need to strike the killing blow to be the one who has "earned" an egg? I have personally never even seen an ender dragon except on youtube... but I'd like to think that someday I'll fight one. In the meantime, I will be happy with having one on display in my house, regardless of who I got it from! :)
  13. Ive seen and fought a ender dragon by myself..........in creative
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  14. Of course there should be community input :) I haven't gotten to a point to think about the dragon and eggs yet, I am still wrapping up some other updates. But when the time comes we will discuss the options as a community like we always do :)
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  15. killing the enderdragon is a big achievment in minecraft, I think enderdragon eggs should be available as a trophy to all who succeed at it, they can have it on their shelves and remember that adventure.

    I don't think one egg per server is good because it just goes to the person who had all the equipment ready when the server goes live, the only additional achievment for being first is that you've been on emc longer and had the time and funds to do it first.

    to me, the current situation is like playing world of warcraft and once the lich king is dead, he stays dead. the hardcore guild got the loot and everyone else misses out on the content. one egg multiple dragons, would be like the lich king dropping no loot after the first go. the achievment needs a fitting reward in my opinion.
  16. So, I do understand that resetting the End is a good idea for the dagon aspect. Can you program wether or not it drops an egg? (probably out of your controll, maybe not)

    Edit: Appament, :) oh you sly fiend. The lich king is dead, you missed the loot. WoW will update, a new lich king will rise. Minecraft is the same way. Mojang isn't done, but the Enderdragon is our lich king. The rich kids are allways gonna be there aswell. My point is that some things are meant to be a treasure. Without treasures, we have nothing to look forward too. (less that is) again, it's my word versus yours sp far. Let's see what the rest of the community has to say I suppose! :)
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  17. I guess I don't really understand why something needs to be rare to be treasured.
  18. He should make the dragons harder and stuff and destroy all the eggs so everyone has to get them
  19. Lol, That'll happen :p