will i ever get on this server???

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by quentin950, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. hi, im quentin and i am having serious trouble logging in to the server, smp2
    i did see it was like 43/45 at one point so i waited the 2 minutes for the slot reservation thing and kept refreshing to make sure it was still free, after about 4 or 5 minutes it was still free so i tried to log on and it said sorry server is full for more info go to ......... this has happened like a dozen times and ive only been able to log on once in the last week and that was at like 2 in the morning, someone help

  2. Sorry we are working to expand, I know it is frustrating :(
  3. I know Justin doesn't like to push people into it, but for $5 a month you can always get on no matter how full the server is! :) Plus you can use paypal so it's super simple, and the Empire is worth supporting! Here's the $5 supporter info:

    Iron Supporter

    Server perks

    • Reserved slot so you can connect to any Empire Minecraft server, even if it is full.
    • 400 rupees daily sign-in bonus (regular players get 100)
    • The ability to hide yourself from the live map.
    • Silver username in chat and online list.
    • Early access to new features.
    • Receive your daily sign-in bonus even if you don't sign-in that day.
    Site perks
    • Access to the supporters only private forum.
    • "Iron Supporter" title under username.
  4. thankyou guys, sorry justin if i seemed a bit pushy i was just tired and i was near a keyboard, shame i was on the internet too... :) lol

    sorry again and thanks for the help
  5. Welcome to Empiremincraft quentin950!

    If you want to buy anything, Check out
    Res: 3135 on SMP2 The Best shop in SMP2 and perhaps in SMP1
    We restock daily.

    Need advise or want a design on building your house?
    Ask me! Ill be glad to help build :3