Will I be banned?

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Shall LeGryff be banned?

Yay 5 vote(s) 50.0%
Nay 4 vote(s) 40.0%
Not sure/Do not want to take a part of this 1 vote(s) 10.0%
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  1. i really love this server and its my 114th day and i dont want to leave. Heres what happened:
    My brother(who used to play on the server, also known to grief my things in creative servers) did the unspeakable.... First of all, he semi-egged the spawn, then he egged somebodies res(he didnt remember the name of the person but if you are reading this, i am very sorry) and didnt confess to doing it. finally, he got so pissed off that he killed them in lava. After that he said and i quote "It was fun." I didnt have anything to do wth this but it was on my account. Again I am very sorry to anyone affected by him. Please vote below whether or not I should be banned :/
  2. You are responsible for your account.
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  3. Sadly, no matter what, your account, your responsibility. You will probably be banned :/
  4. Please don't make this public. Contact a staff member and they will decide whether or not you will stay. Please remember that there is no proof (or probably none) that it was your brother on your account.
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  5. but he just turns on my laptop and fires up MC theres nothing i can do when im sleeping
  6. Please do not post this stuff on the forums. If you are to be banned, then the staff will sort that out. If you don't think you should be banned, after you are banned appeal it. State what you put in here and they will take it into account.

    -- If you cant find a way to stop him, change your password. And do not tell him it.
  7. no he actually told me he did it
  8. i cant my parents made the account and they forgot the password so if i uncheck remember me then my passwords gone and btw i want to know what the community thinks
  9. plus since when is egging illegal?
  10. go to Minecraft.net---> login ----> forgot password-----> enter your email--->make a new password ----> dont tell your brother.
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  11. I am so confused.

    has anyone else ever seen the "Remember my password" check box?

    i have.
  12. It has been illegal since it got out of hand and lagged out the server. Also its a mess to clean up.
  13. Egging, if done in massive quantities, can lag the server. I have seen many cases of this. :(
  14. ah okay but its sad that its 2 late now :/
    oh okay all the more reason what he did was terrible.
    Why yes. Yes we have.
  15. ah okay. yeah ive seen alot od spawn eggings in my day but never a crash the server 1
  16. it seems as if all of my rupees have dissapeared. i literally habe 0
  17. plz excuse the spelling errors im doing this on a rehylar Kinfle litten bya digital clock XD
  18. Hey, perhaps instead of posting so much, you could use the "Edit" button. Not meaning to be rude. :)
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  20. na i might become an active member :D
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