Will elevators work on EMC?

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  1. I want to build a piston elevator, but as it depends entirely on timing, what are the chances of it working on EMC what with lag, etc?

    Anyone know if I'm just going to be wasting my time?
  2. Elevators are pretty much a waste of time on medium to large mp servers (like the EMC servers). Sorry :(
  3. Yeah the lag might break it most the time but it would be usable when there are like 30 players are on :)
  4. I built one a while ago -- didn't work. :/
  5. try using a zipper style with stairs, that might keep it from breaking as badly, dunno how much better it would be though :/
  6. It would work sometimes, but not all the time.
    I had a coaster going across my two residences and every now and then the drop across them would not work properly, so I got rid of it. So a elevator might be worse in lag.
  7. The zipper style works about 1/3 of the time. I personally would use a 4-piston elevator, with one up-facing piston, and a down-facing sticky piston, which all pulse at the right time to where the piston pushes the sticky upward, then the sticky grabs the normal piston, and etc. (Well, that's only 2 pistons... Maybe Put an upper level of pistons, but that would be kinda hard.)
  8. How do you get it to go across the road??
  9. I tried to make a tnt launcher elevator once, lol im an idiot. I made the stupid thing out of dirt, and my entire work exploded xD
  10. I had it go up and fast. and then drop down on to the next lot( the track ended at the end of the property)
  11. Rule no.1 about TNT launchers: NEVER build it out of anything besides water, obsidian, TNT, redstone, and bedrock.
  12. OH Ok, that makes more sense now.
  13. Try a 4 pistons only fence gat elevator. That way, people can stop at diff floors.

    Basically you have 4 pistons pushing a gate and blocks in a circle. You can elongate it and makes as tall of an oval as you want. You can also use these for conveyor belts. =). Hope I helped!
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  14. Gave up on my elevator and used ladders/stairs instead.
    Pity as nothing beats the industrial push/pull noise of hundreds of pistols working, then the silence as their job is done.