Will anyone dig my res for a DC of iron?

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  1. Hi EMC!
    Will anyone dig out the hole of my second res for a DC of iron?

    T&C: If you do not finish or get half way you do not get payed
  2. Will you provide shovels?
  3. depends how many shovels needed?
  4. No idea,my calculator's very far away and I don't know the size.
  5. 4 blocks down nearly done
  6. bump come on guys!!!
  7. It's very hard to dig a whole res.
    One , 2 or 3 layers is ok somehow.
    But whole of the res, no.
  8. would some people do 10 layers each then? and someone does 6?
    would you do 10?
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  9. you are on :)
  10. what you talking to supernir?
  11. no i was talking to you...
  12. ok why you say that? :)
  13. I would dig the 10 layers if you supplied the shovels or repaired them for me
  14. ok then how would I pay you? in 1/6 of the iron?
  15. what i meant is i wanted to dig...
  16. ok will you dig the hole thing?
  17. A DC of iron is worth about 15k. The official empire price for removing all dirt is 60k. So unless you meant "4 double chests of iron" no thank you. If you would like to remove all the dirt for 60k, pm bigdavie.
  18. some people charge 10k for a hole res apparently