Wild's Secret Society.!

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  1. I, BoWnZ, Have created a huge City in the wild, with help from Crazy1080, The_drifter92, xline96. We Have a Huge Creeper-Proof castle (long story) A Fully integrated mini-society House's and area, all manner of farms, Fishing spots, Animals, Mines, Quarry, Fully equipped Nether-base, But alas we need more people to help live and work there. We are limiter in way we can expand, so my hope is that we will get enough people and will be able to make a rather Large kingdom With inter-connected city and villages. If anyone would like to join Private message me and I will ask you a few questions and then if you pass the little "test" ( :p ) I will give you the co-ords, You will stay at the soon to be Inn until we get organized there. Thank you and Have a nice day I will Upload pictures If necessary.


    EDIT: We have completed the Inn and are ready to receive new people
  2. Nice. Since Crazy1080 is part of this. It's grief-proof too.
    Griefer meet the ban hammer :D
  3. No, Not 100% anyways, He used to be super-active, but he spends alot of time in smp4 now, But i mentioned him becasue he helped a bit :) and yes that is were he mostly is when on smp2, and since we can lock chests its greif-proof anyways. :p
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