wildreness reset smp4

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  1. hi wanted to know if the empire will ever reset the wilderness to replenish the land or do we have to use the outposts, if so can the safe area around the be reduced so we can build closer to the spawn without swimming miles away
  2. The wilderness will eventually be completely reset, but only when it deteriates to a very bad condition. If you look on livemap you will see a yellow box drawn around the main spawn and outposts. This shows the area which can be reset at any time without warning to revitalise the area directly around the spawns, as well as replenish some resources below the surface. We dont however recommend building any permanent structures as they will not remain permanent for long. :p
    When the wilderness is completely reset, i believe justin will try to make sure that the spawns will be in the normal wilderness, not in the middle of the ocean or in a desert biome.
    Hope this information is of help to you. :)

    Oh, another quick suggestion, if you build a boat before you leave home you can use it in the wild so that you dont have to swim. :)
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  3. Hey- Thanks by the way for all you guys do. This server is amazing.

    I'm new to multi-player minecraft, so im just starting to learn the ropes. So sorry if this question is repetitive or anything like that.. Just wondering if the reset of the yellow zone happens with any regularity.. like once a month, or once every x number of days?

    Also I just wanted to comment on what you said about changing the spawn locations. Personally I've found it useful to have the spawns be to locations that are in places like the ocean. I'm on server 2 and the portal to the water area has been great for farming things like clay, squid, and filling water buckets. Spawning into the desert would be great for farming large amounts of sand for glass, or cacti, or often you find a lot of sugar cane near desert streams. I like it a lot how it is now - as apposed to if you always spawned into the same kind of location!
  4. This is my exact shared view on spawn points. It makes things interesting and also gives a quick access to what you are looking for. I love going straight into a water biome and building my underground secret bases.. :)
  5. hey, i always build my bases underground too! small world XD
  6. The periodic reset (yellow) area is not reset automatically on any schedule yet. I am still perfecting the plugin I coded that resets these areas. At this time I still have to do this manually.

    And I agree that the outposts should be in different types of biomes, I try my best to make that true when I am placing them :)