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  1. Dear any amins, moderators, etc.,

    The wilderness's resources are dropping exponentially. So I ma suggesting a certain method that will replenish the wilderness of its resources. I am speaking of course that you can have a plugin that allows the server to regenerate wilderness resources. every 10 Minecraft days. (10 hours approx.) The "server clock alarm" will "strike" and the wilderness will start to regenerate at the cost of some lag for a short amount of time. If this can not be accomplished, then at least allow auto-tree planting, for almost every tree has been stripped from the wilderness and many MANY hold in the wilderness exist probably due to greifers tiring to make the wilderness hard to navigate.

    With the server's best concerns,
  2. The wild never ends, go out farther.
  3. If you try traveling a little further out, there are plenty of resources. Also, occasionally the areas around the spawn that are so destroyed are reset, however, there is much more Wilderness out there for you to discover and mine. It may be harder to reach, but the Maps on EMC or not limited, they will continue to grow.. Just look on the live map, go to an outpost and go towards blackness.. That will be undiscovered, untouched, new land. Then you can mine to your hearts content.
  4. I know personally that the map doesn't end at the edges of the Live Map.. It keeps going and going and going.. The only things that are truly finite in a world are the stronghold bricks as there are only 3 strongholds in a world and the endstone because it is basically a floating continent.
  5. Not anymore. There are an infinite amount of strongholds in Minecraft now.
  6. Yupp. Never ending Stone, Mossy, and Cracked stone brick! :D
  7. ^^^ What they said. Plus, if the resources regenerate, someone could just find where are the diamonds are, mine them, and camp until said regeneration. Repeat, and you have an easy source of diamonds.
  8. I've travelled probably close to 100 km in Utopia looking for someone's base so that I can leave them a box of cake and I saw thousands upon thousands of iron and coal blocks in my travels.. and that was just from spawn to north outpost and past the original spawn map around north outpost..
  9. That was finally fixed? I thought it was found out in release that there were still 3 per world..? That means that only endstone is truly finite than..?
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  10. Go out further, set up camp maybe even a XP farm, thats all the advice I can give you