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  1. It would be awesome if you could reset the wilderness everyso often
  2. All of it? No. The periodic reset area? Yes.
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  3. No, It wouldn't. This kind of thing has been talked about and there are too many outposts and grinders and bases in the wild that it would be terrible. And it only takes 30-45 minutes to reach unloaded areas.
  4. There is a periodical reset area. For the update to 1.2.5 we did have an update. Now there are so many wild communities and other awesome stuff out there it isn't worth it at all.
  5. I actually really agree with this:) As long as "everyso often" = once a century
  6. No. Have you ever been beyond the PRA? To the LLO? To the virgin lands? On an adventure?
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  7. Not yet generated areas, and if you know how it's like 3 minutes away. :)

    I think I've invested over 200 hours (within 6 months) in building in the wilderness - on several SMPs.
  8. Right now, senior staff (Shaun, I think) will fix up wild PRA's manually as we wait for it to be automated. :)
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  9. What are the pra?
  10. Periodic reset area

    The yellow square around the server wild spawn.
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