Wilderness Villages...

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  1. Simply put, are wilderness villages griefable?
    Just curious becase of the up-coming reset...

    i am liking the idea of finding a village out in the wild with villagers and continuing their village...
    Start out as a small 'natural village and then continue to build on it and add larger farms, livestock, buildings... and hopefully new villagers.

    I know nothing is 100% safe in the wild (damn creepers) but if someone comes accross the village, are they allowed to tear it all down? Fences, buildings, forge, livestock inside of pens?

    Just not sure of the official ruling on this question...

    I love the town aspect of the game where it is always safe, but, those damn mobs are fun sometimes...
  2. No, they aren't, but unfortunately some people do anyway. The best way to prevent this is to either travel 20,000+ blocks away from the nearest spawn, or play on EMC but do the village thing in singleplayer.
  3. Here is what you need to do:

    Pick a server you have no interest in and start running in a compass direction.

    Keep going.

    Do not stop.

    Once you reach, say 60,000 blocks out, then stop, log out and forget about it until after the rest.

    Once the reset has taken place, log back in, see what the land is like and find a village. Then /vault over anything you need to start your new home.

    This is now your Wild Survival SMP. Because of the reset, there wont be a map trail leading to your location. People will have to drag all over the map looking for you and you'll be so far out no-one (Hopefully) will bother to come and grief you.