Wilderness Travel

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  1. A bit of a newb when it comes to multiplayer. Is there a faster way to travel to the far out reaches of the wilderness and back to town safely?
  2. Outpost teleports.
  3. Or you could go there once and then make a secret rail tunnel back to protected spawn.
  4. You can also use the nether to travel faster.
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  5. ^ indeed nether way is faster if you find one or make but becareful and have surplus of food in stock :)
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  6. If you are extremely new... I would advise against the nether till you get comfortable with it. Definitely the fastest way to travel, but it's semi-dangerous. Although, I can't say anything has killed me.... it's usually my own stupidity. Ie) finger slipping off shift or dropping the laptop....and falling in lava.

    Always take extra obsidian and a flint/steel as well!
  7. Walk.
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  8. Bahaha I wish on my computer I could up the meme saying "you don't say"
  9. you mean this one?
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  10. Haha yes
  11. Thanks for all the replies. Yes still relatively new. I have a small base and enough food there to keep me going just about forever but not coming up with a lot of mined resources. I've played offline for a good while and I seem to find WAY more diamonds. Guess I'll just have to keep on diggin' :)
  12. Put a portal in the nether.