Wilderness Stories

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  1. Hey EMC, I recently got back from SMP6's Wilderness Wastelands & it was rather... eventful.

    Bunda153 and I firstly started by running out a bit from the East spawn, and made a little hut thing. Then, we began to mine until he died... So, I had to go and grab his stuff for him, like a good sister. Unfortunately though, the enraged creepers nearby were out to kill me! So, I ran up to ground level, creepers following, and placed all of my items in a chest. I logged in and out a few times, but they were pretty strong lol. We began to play chasey, and then they died. After that, I tried to make another hut to hide in, but an enraged skeleton started to shoot at me.

    I didn't die at all, thank Notch, but Bunda did. Three times.

    This thread was created to share your Wilderness stories (Nether & etc. included!)


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