Wilderness shop coming soon!

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  1. Hello guys, I'm making a wilderness survival shop! Here's how it will work. You go in, you buy something for a cheap price. Pretty simple. However, this shop will only provide you with starter-kit like objects such as swords, compasses, food, and maybe book and quills (record your wild adventures!). There will also be a premium area for people who I allow. The way that works is a door, I will give you use flag. This is all still being planned and not nearly done though, so don't get to exited yet...

    Here's a price compare thingy, this is a free and premium compare thing. The items shown are just examples, there will be more items.

    Stone sword: 1 R

    64 Melons: 3 R

    Book & Quill: 5 R

    Premium Area

    Stone sword: Free

    64 Melons: 1 R

    Book & Quill 1 R
  2. I will buy lots of books and quills!
  3. And there's me thinking that this would be in the wild, silly old me....
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  4. Well, I was thinking of posting something like:
    Wont work, how long until you get griefed, wont get much trade. Blah Blah Blah...
  5. Oh, and there's an idea for the dargon egg update thats probably already been suggested;
    Aikar, if you're reading this (and who isn't :p), the ability to set up shop in the protected zones.
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  6. Amazing. Ties in with my idea of wild shops
  7. So much this. I've never understood why the system won't let you make a shop using a locked chest like the original version of chestshop does...
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  8. That is a cool idea. I will probably go and visit when it opens.