Wilderness Reset?

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Would you like a server reset?

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Yes, reset the map. 7 vote(s) 23.3%
No, its still good. 23 vote(s) 76.7%
  1. When is the next one going to happen? I can never find anything anymore no matter how hard i look!

    I've dug huge 10x10 holes all over the map and branched out tunnels as i went down and barely found anything. Every direction i went has already been mined! Lol.

    But yeah, it would be nice to see one very soon.

    What do you guys think? :p

    Edit: I didn't mean to put "Would you like a server reset" in the pole. Supposed to be "Wilderness reset".
  2. Maybe if you go out more then just 100 blocks from the spawn, you might get some ores...
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  3. The problem with wilderness resets is that we need tons of time and notifications in advance to allow people to clear out their wild bases. It can also get pretty chaotic. If you can't find anything, go to an outpost and run as far as you can away from wild spawn. One way to do this would be by going to the nether, running a few thousand blocks, and teleporting back up. For wilderness resets, they're just too troublesome to have, except when we NEED one after an update and the community agrees.
  4. What about the periodic reset areas (aka "the wastes")? Have those been reset recently? I feel like they need to (at least on the smp's).
  5. I've traveled WAY out with my cousin a few times and the most we found was coal.

    Yeah that makes sense. I guess I'll go on an even further adventure than i have before in hopes to score that sweet, sweet diamond deposit! :p
    And how do you teleport from the nether when you're not in a safe zone? :O
  6. You build a portal, and jump in it.
  7. Oh, okay! Lol.
  8. I don't know what server you're on, so I can't say this is true everywhere, but I found over one hundred diamonds, something like 20 stacks of redstone, and a bunch of gold and iron within my first few days here at EMC and at that time I barely went outside the protected spawn area.
  9. yeah i mined a stack of diamond blocks not too long ago
  10. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but the EMC staff's desire is to avoid reseting the entire wild on smps unless it is absolutely neccesary. The last wild reset was done for a whole host of reasons... periodic resets weren't working on most smps, the new mc update jungle biomes were only generated if players entered a unexplored area which meant traveling a long ways before finding one, the new world vertical limit created glitches in the wild and in the nether, there were areas that had weird "force fields" that didnt allow you to walk through them, and a whole bunch of other reasons. Im pretty sure if you look hard enough you can find that thread about the last wild reset and why it was done.

    The last reset was done after considerable thought was put into it by the staff and AMPLE notice was given to the community beforehand that was very hard to miss if you spent any time at all on the website's forums. Most people were for it, but the ones who had built signifigant bases in the wild were VERY much against it.

    I don't think we will be seeing another wild reset anytime soon.. HOPEFULLY. No one wants to go to a mostly vanilla survival server that is constantly reseting the world and erasing all their hard work, and the last reset was severly needed or it wouldnt have been done at all. The periodic reset zones around the safe areas is an entirely different story though, and those are, by design, supposed to be reset frequently as they recieve the most damage. They will probably get reset in the not too distant future... but Im pretty sure Justin has his hands full right now with the coding stuff he is working on.

    In the end Mrlegitislegit said it best, if you want to find prestine untouched caves and mines you have to venture out farther than 100 blocks outside of spawn. I PROMISE you if you go out 10,000 blocks in a direction that is black on the live map (or 50,000 like me or even 130,000 like some people I know) you will find unexplored caves and mines and plenty of ore. It's not fair to expect a wild reset and have everyones hard work erased simply because you dont want to walk/boat for more than 5 minutes.
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  11. Ores don't just appear at your feet. You have to dig down to get them.
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  12. we dont needit. Ive get stuff all the time at 2000 out.
  13. You really don't need to be more hostile all the time, you could just say nicely "Go father" like everyone else did, or not post. I think you're trying to get attention.
  14. Please tell me how the was hostile. Ores simply just don't appear where you dig. Its simply the truth.
  15. Its just how you are implying he didn't try at all.
  16. I got some xp grinders and I don't want to lose them, so No
  17. I didn't mean that. I mean you have to go out far in the wild, and dig down far into the earth/whateverplanetminecraftisbasedon.
  18. I didn't tell my father anything....
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  19. Strip Mine :)