Wilderness Problems

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by BrendanPace, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. It seems that when i go to the wild I can never get any resources other than dirt and cobble. Everyone else has just destroyed the entire place. Its also very hard to find any ores and other various resources. Is it possible to reset the wild?
  2. There's more ores outside of the periodic reset area, but I do agree that the area within the reset range is torn to shreds on most servers. They do resets periodically, but in the meantime you'll probably just have to venture out a bit further to find what you seek.
  3. Do you have any idea how BIG minecraft is o,O?

    Just start running - you'll find something soon..

    Hint: Use the livemap - look for black spaces on the map (Thats most likely untouched)
  4. The periodic reset area only works on smp6. smp5 was the first version of the area but it failed. I am not sure if I will be able to set them up on any other servers without a full reset (nothing to restore from).

    You should try using the outposts and taking a boat. People forget about the outposts...
  5. Outposts are life's saviors. XD When you go to them, they spawn you in weird areas like mushroom biomes and the like, and, if you venture out far from an outpost, it is untouched and VERY rich in resources. 3000 blocks from an outpost? Resource heaven.
  6. I agree, I'm on smp3 and i cant find to much. I find the odd iron or coal but nothing after that.
  7. Sigh... SMP3 is one of the older servers, and its wilderness is a lot more destroyed than it is on SMP6 (the server I play on). It can be a little bit more difficult on SMP3 to find the resources you need.
  8. I can get coal, Iron, wood, diamonds, redstone, gold, and lots more stuff for free on SMP3, I just go past the periodic reset zone..
  9. Smp6 is fresh and nice. SMP3 is probably the most popular server where hardcore people go, but yeah SMP1-4 are pretty cruddy resource wise. SMP4 is ok at best, but not great if you like the wild
  10. All the severs are the same, just go past the periodic reset zone to a place no one often goes and you can make quite a bit of rupees.
  11. No, MEIN is right. SMP6 is the newest server, so the wilderness is less destroyed.
  12. If you end up resetting the wilderness for all servers for the jungle bio-me update.. would that mean you could add periodic resets to all servers? Just wondering ;)
  13. Take a look at smp2...with the "wild colony" I am at, our only trips to town are...never.