Wilderness Lost Support [WLS]

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  1. Lost inwilderness?
    You dont know how togo back?
    Got diamonds from mining anddo not want to lose everything?
    It's simple!
    Contact me and tell me your coordinates.
    Build a small house and stay inside until SUPERFLEVAS find you!!!!

    You too canbecome partof the movement

    Wilderness Lost Support [WLS]
  2. mmm not to turn your movement down, but they can just simply look at the live map and find their way back...

    unfortunatelly this might call for a "kill the guy and loot diamonds" possibility (NOT saying it is)

    even, perhaps... get him killed by monsters and looting his corpse =)
  3. I prefer walking back, and using the live map. Also, can you edit your post and add some spaces. :)
  4. I guess you found out bout the live map. Your the only person on EMC who hasn't if not
  5. @geofftheninja i'm not lazy i'm just highly motivated not to do anything
    That needs to be on a tshirt xD
    Back on topic it is a good idea but not sure on how the execution would be carried out when people can just use the live map

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  6. to be honest - give the guy a break :D

    Its a cool little idea - i mean, i once had to pay some random guy ALOT of rupees cause i felt bad about taking 5 bread from his open chest in the wild..

    Its not just finding your way back - but being stranded with ½ heart and no food - its just not all that fun :D
  7. maybe you could hire some different service tiers like 200r comes with guard home 300r comes with 5 bread and guard home ect ^^
  8. Its free :)
    You can pay me if you want....
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  9. And please dont be haters........
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  10. i know right