Wilderness in Town

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  1. It's something I built on cait1bh's 4th lot alone:

    the lot is 18241 on SMP9
  2. Good stuff, I like it :)
  3. Cool, looks great!
  4. I like it... add ores!
  5. Add Ores In That Ravine :D
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  6. Where is it?
  7. Wow.. nice!
  8. Wow. If it weren't for the surrounding buildings, you'd think you were in the wilderness. :p
  9. There are ores in the revine
  10. "Excellent" in Mr. Burns voice from the Simspons
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  11. Great job! :D
  12. I looked at this thinking it would be some person raving about how there should be a protected wilderness in town but this is much better than that! Awesome job! I will be visiting this weekend!