Wilderness colony safe zones.

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  1. After seen all the destruction and security issues with wilderness/nether/end communities I started thinking about the best way to combat griefers and came up with a solution.
    A safe zone, 20x20x20, a mini res in the center of the colony to act as a bank and HQ. A community rep would be chosen to run it, the communities would chose how best to use the space, however using it as a bank would be the best option.
    The rep would locate and assign chests to each member and give permissions to those chests. That way you can store your valuables without worrying about having them stolen. The HQ would also serve as a watch station, players would be assigned to guard the colony on certain times, protected from mobs and griefers. Only established colonies would get one and others could request one at the discretion of the admins.
    I know that Justin and Jeremy are busy but it would help bring some peace.
    What do you guys think?
  2. I wish this would happen but then emc would not have the "legit" feel.
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  3. I know it takes away from the 'living in the wild' feel but something has to be done about griefers. It is only a small safe zone maybe even a 10x10 would suffice. It is only a suggestion.
  4. I feel ya but Not gonna happen, kind of adds a little bit more of a challenge in my opinion. If you build it you must conceal it.
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  5. The only problems I've ever had with griefers in my wild colonies were people from within the group that would have gotten access to it anyway. Talk to Aikar (or I think he made a post about this a while ago) about wild colony security. It can be a hassle, but it IS possible to live in the wild without too much fear of griefers :)

    That said, I sometimes wish we had something like this. But it definitely would take away from the vanilla feel
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  6. The smp7 outpost is doing just fine, with over 60 members mind you, and we've had one griefing incident in only a few months.
  7. The spot I use has only been greifed a little and it has countless members that I have never even seen on the server.
  8. I'm been part of Last Light Outpost for last month now and we have little or none griefers actions within are community if so not very hard to fix because of are going stock pile of raw materials. Also LLO isn't really hiding from the Live Map one can find it without even looking hard.

    -Sidenote- we did have someone set TNT off in your vault which look awesome until then but looks better than ever now