wilderness buildings gone?

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  1. There's probably a really simple answer for this but i searched the forums and FAQ and couldn't find it.
    I built quite a bit of stuff in the wilderness on smp6 and today I logged in and its like its been reset or something. All my stuff and everything I built is gone and looks like the area reverted back to its original state except a certain distance away where my exploring torches are still all there. Its only in the area where I had built things (house, farm, bridge, lighthouse, etc...) Now it's just natural enviroment.

    Is this normal?
  2. Sounds to me like you built within the Periodic Reset Area. Just run a bit farther away next time and you'll be safe. :)
  3. "Safe" isn't exactly the right term since nothing in the wild is completely safe.
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  4. 1 possible answer:

    Maybe there was a roll-back or something, but that would have been posted in first page.
    No, things don't just randomly dissapear from EMC servers :p
  5. Crazy1080 i tought the same but: http://smp6.empireminecraft.com:8880/# check wild, its all freaked up. It seems tha has not been reset :p
  6. You probably built in the periodic reset area since you were in smp6, which is the only server that currently supporter periodic reset areas. Next time build outside the yellow border on the live map.
  7. Well, I was talking about the Periodic Reset Area, as was the OP as far as I know. I'm here to solve his location dilemma, nothing more. While I'm sure the OP realizes (from reading the EMC guide) that the only safe place to build is in Town, if he wants to build in the wild and not have his land completely decimated by the periodic reset, then I helped. :)
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  8. I'm LOLing at how much you are right on what you just said. This is a new crazy level of correctness :p
  9. It tends to take only a few hours for the Periodic Reset Area to regress to that state. It's just not as apparent on servers without deserts.
  10. Well, considering it's state i believe that its really not possible. You should check smp6 i just went there and it's a state of madness.
  11. Well, its not the periodic reset area (the yellow box, right?). I built awfully far away from that. I'm about 2500 north of an outpost. Takes forever in a boat to get there.

    I suppose it could be griefing but it wasn't just looted, it looks totally different. They would have filled whole areas with dirt, planted trees all over the place, filled a tunnel, broke down an entire lighthouse with a bridge, just weird...