[Wilderness Barracks] Temple Runners!

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  1. Hello Peoples,
    No, this isn't a thread all about this app that I spend way too much time on.. It's about 1.5, what's ahead of us. Now, I'm making a team of hard miners, fighters, and explorers. What we'll do is go out in the Wilderness Froniter, and hack away at the grounds (In a clean, quarry-free way :p) to find these million dollar portal's. If you don't want to join me, I encourage you to make groups as well. These barracks go with the Empire wild project, seen here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/colonizing-the-wilderness.22254/
  2. -And if you will join I suggest crankin' up some super-mining gear
  3. wht would u suggest having
  4. Somewhat good armor, fire resist potions, somewhat good swords, and awesome pickaxes, we'll be doing lots of mining along the way!
  5. i have a silk eff 4 unb 3 to waste, was gonna sell, but who cares i also take normal eff diamond pick for the trip
  6. I'm probably going to take prot IV armor, Silk Eff IV Diamond, Fortune unb III Eff IV, diamond, and a sharpness IV fire aspect I, knockback II diamond sword. NOTE: your inventory will be cleared when you jump through the portal, when you come back you will get those items, and, your arena prizes back.
  7. arena prizes? and dont bring fort 3 cuz once u get it with silk u bring it back to res and then use fort 3
  8. I know.. The prizes are possibly dragon eggs, and communal XP rewards, like "double XP" or maybe even "triple"
    Here's the quote from ICC:
  9. I would love to join, if you guys bring me your armour and 1 sword, I will level 30 the, for you your free :). Do I need to fill out an application ?
  10. So your expecting the dragon tombs to come out in 1.5? I highly doubt that, unless I have missed something.
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  11. Here is a suggested list of items to bring,
    2 sets of lvl 30 enchanted armour (diamonds)
    2 decent enchanted diamond swords
    5 diamond pick (unb and eff is suggested)
    5 stacks of steak or pork,
    3 stacks of logs
    1 stack of dirt
    If you want to bring anything else go for it, but this should do
  12. You missed something. Or maybe they delayed it for the hundreth time.

    Lol sure, where should I drop it off?
  13. I'll be on smp1 at about 5pm - 7pm UK time tonight, about 9 hrs, if your a diff time zone ill set up an access chest for you then :p
  14. so whats the point of this?
  15. I think you misunderstood when the are coming out. They are going to come out after the servers updated, but there is no definite date. On another note, which SMP will this be on? I'll join in on the adventure.
  16. I still don't understand the point of this.
  17. Then look around, and eventually you may find out.
  18. They won't update immediately. And if you think your going too beat an end dragon with that stuff, good luck. That thing is insane,
  19. I've done it in SSP with a stone sword, 40 pork, and iron armor before, that thing is trash
  20. Ok people this thread isn't for saying I can't to this or that, it's for you to do this and that!