Wild Village looking for inhabitants!

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  1. I mentioned in another thread how I would never build in the Wild due to the high chance of all that time and effort being wasted when someone griefs it.

    This is on SMP2, as I forgot to add.

    Well, on one of my forays to find a location for a Nether Portal, I stumbled across a Village and after a discussion with the Village Elder, decided to stay and protect them from the marauding Zombies and Skeletons.

    I'm currently finishing off a perimeter wall and whilst working at the face of one of their surface quarries, discovered a ravine which will no doubt have tunnels branching off into Abandoned mines.

    I've got the Nether Portal set up and it takes you to a very workable area of the Nether with plenty of Glowstone which I'm gathering in between building up the village.

    There are small wheat farms within the walls and I'm also going to stick up some watch towers at the vulnerable points.

    There's a decent sheep and chicken population and I can see other wild animals in the not too far distance. There's also several good sized forests around.

    If anyone decides they'd like to come and join me in helping the villagers develop their own infrastructure as well as do some serious resource gathering, I'm happy to have company.

    The only pre-requisite is that you have to pay a deposit of 1000r, so once I give the co-ords, if you then go on a rampage and smash the place up, I'm keeping your money to reimburse the villagers for the damage you cause.
    The mony is refundable once you leave the Village.

    My overall plan is to take the village to a level of independence that comes with good security, access to running water (It's also next to a river) and a stable governing body. After a few weeks I'll no doubt move on.

    Until such time though, there's a ravine with ores staring at me and Abandoned mine tunnels, a good link to a rich part of the Nether, and of course, the natural resources in the forests and elsewhere nearby.

    Let me know if you're interested!

    This offer is only open to Supporters as they need to be able to Hide on the World Map.
  2. I shall find this village, and I shall build fast food joint and a Walmart outside the walls.Leading your villagers into temptation.Little will they know that they will be the fast food and many things at cheap prices for the zombies.
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  3. No ones going to pay 1000R for something they can find for free.
  4. Well that's you.
  5. what server is it on
  6. Remembering that the 1000r is refundable and is merely held in lieu of trust developing between myself and whoever joins and that as it's a Supporters only, it's only three days worth of Rupees from the system.

    I give out the co-ords for free, someone comes along and smashes it up. I charge 1000r for the co-ords, they come and don't smash it up, they get their money back. They smash it up, I keep the money and spend it on a flunky to pave the ground I walk on in Gold.

    Also, they can find it for free, but it's about becoming part of an adventure in the Wilds. Forays into the Nether as a group, etcetc.

    SMP2 is the server, which I've now added into the main post. Oops.
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  7. Kilmannan, I will see you to this, I'll see you shortly. Though as i play on SMP 4, i'll need to re-gather all my materials, if thats fine? :)
  8. Rgr that mate!
  9. Just Send us the coords by Inbox, i'll be there to pay you in full ^_^
  10. No idea what's happend... Can't reach the server anymore. :( Will keep trying!