Wild Town.

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  1. Hey everyone, Jack here just to ask if anyone wanted to join my wild group. We are planning a town and would like as many players as possible. The town will be on SMP4 so I reccomend that if you live on SMP4 then to hire someone to look after your res :3.

    If YOU want to join then fill in the application below then reply on the thread.

    1: How long have you been playing MineCraft? (type what version you bought it in if possible)

    2: How long have you been a member of The Empire?

    3: There is 5 main categories of jobs: Miner, Builder, Lumberjack, Farmer and Hunter, now if you could be any of these categories manager who would you be? Only 1 Manager each category.

    4: Do you want to do one of the categories above just not the manager? Tell me which one?

    5: Will you help this small group grow?

    6: What is your main server? (smp1/smp2/smp3/smp4/smp5/smp6/utopia)

    I will check all applicants profiles to check whether they are notorious greifers/robbers!
    Thanks everyone hope you apply and have a great time in our town!
  2. and almost every single other wild community.