Wild Griefing

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Do you grief/ loot in the wild?

Yes 1 vote(s) 2.9%
No 34 vote(s) 97.1%
  1. I made a small base once. I cam back to it and it was gone. I also made a public sniping tower in the wild. It got destroyed too! I just want to say that even though you can grief in the wild, you shouldn't grief in the wild.

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  2. You aren't allowed to grief in the wild in the first place.
  3. The problem is that if you get griefed in the wild. You don't know who did it.
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  4. I suggest digging underground. Make bases there. So much safer.
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  5. I did that...
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  6. Who dares to vote yes?
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  7. If anyone says yes in the poll is essentially saying - I deliberately broke the rules and am proud of it, please ban me
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  8. Basically that is what there saying.
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  9. In the wild think of all bases as being used. That way you wont grief.
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  10. You have been been here for like 6 months and don't know that griefing is a BANNABLE offense?
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  11. HAHA this conversation just keeps getting more interesting :)
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  12. No it does not!
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  13. Does to xP
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  14. Does not.
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  15. Join the club someone griefed my base today not my new one thank god but stole alot of stuff thank goodness they did not destroy my spawners this time but come on stealing from someone that took the time and energy to create and collect in game really still shows what kind of character you have. When I stumble upon someones base I just leave it alone I dont snoop around I just leave the area. To the Deusche bag that stole my stuff too bad there is no way for me to find out who it was and have you banned. We could have a good ole fashion Henry the VIII style public execution for you. Sad thing is the person who did this prob does not read the forums and won't see this message.
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  16. I grief anything in my way except for players' creations, chests...
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  17. Welcome to Minecraft Multiplayer, my friend. :/
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  18. Likes for everyone! Except who dares grief in the wild!
  19. what people do to creations
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