[Wild Creation] A Side Project

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  1. So I own a Design Business, I'm in the process of building a super center, I'm currently making renovations to 18200's Museum, and I have tons of RL stuff. Added to all of that I have this,

    ^Click Me!^

    It will be a recreation of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion's Imperial City. I will consistently update the album and post below, but as this is a side project don't expect mass amounts of progress in short time. Thanks for checking this out and for any feedback. :)
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  2. Oooo I like it!!!

  3. Just a quick overview update, the outline is clearly starting to form nicely. :)
  4. That will be quite an undertaking - but being a long time fan and active modder of both Oblivion and Skyrim i love it and cant wait to see how it develops. I am not a great builder myself but that plot will definitly make it into my Guided Empire Tourists Tours!