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Wilderness communities: what about them?

Yes, the main idea of minecraft is surviving in the wild. 8 vote(s) 57.1%
No, the wild scares me and I prefer town. 1 vote(s) 7.1%
I mine in the wild, but I usually return promptly to town to sell my goods. 3 vote(s) 21.4%
I could care less about all this wild stuff. 1 vote(s) 7.1%
I go on long mining expeditions far out, but only to supplement my life in town. 3 vote(s) 21.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. So, obviously, this is about those wild communities. I've seen (or mostly heard about) a few clever ones, like Aikar's eternia. But personally, I'm not sure if I could ONLY live in the wild. I know that there are many opinions on this, and I just wanted to know everyone's thoughts on the pros and cons of living in the wild.

    NOTE: This does not include little bases that you go to for mining and then sell at town. I'm talking anout the hardcore-50000-blocks-from-outpost-rarely-visit-town kind of villages WAY out there. Ideas?
  2. Me and Pazcza have a small little one on SMP7, Its not 50000 blocks out, but its far enough that most griefers wouldn't go out to it. Its also not meant for lots of people ATM.
  3. the idea behind doing this is just work for everything you need :)

    Want stone brick stairs? Mine that cobble, then smelt it, then brick it, then stairs it.

    gold ingots is one of the few items ive actually needed to buy, because the need of bulk but difficulty to acquire bulk.

    you really dont need town to play the game once you got an establishment that provides everything you need :p
  4. If you only live in the wild and 50k blocks out, what's the point of playing on EMC? You'd be better off playing single player, or if you are with a few friends setting up your own private server to avoid griefers.
  5. Because you can still socialize, still go to town and see things, you get EMC perks unique to this server, and you have the ability to meet new people still when socializing and bring them to your town too... ;)
  6. I was responding to the OP, in particular this:

    There really isn't any perks unique to EMC that you get living in the wilderness at the moment, only locked chests, and that's pointless on single player or your own private server. There's eggification, but that's not really needed for living in the wilderness either. The EMC additions are almost all aimed at town.
  7. since we are talking about survival or not... I'd like to say one thing. I LOVE SURVIVAL and I am really hoping EMC has a hardcore survival server. :)
  8. I think that anyone who stays out of town for a month should get some rupees!
  9. Maybe I misunderstood - I thought he was asking about going into the wilderness and never coming back, like live in the wilderness permanently, which to me doesn't really make sense on EMC.

    I'm pretty sure most people in these wilderness communities make trips to town as Aikar said. Going to town doesn't make the game any less survivalish or any less self sufficiant, what you do in town might though.
  10. The main reason I started playing on EMC was because of town and the economy. It's different, and it's fun, but I still miss the wilderness survival aspects of the game that I learned to love in single player and on small private servers. What I've done recently is chosen a server to "go native" on. On that server, I will be exclusively in the wild, never coming to town as I'm so far out now that it would be ridiculous. I can get all my wilderness yearnings satisfied and build to my heart's content knowing that I'm far enough out to be safe from griefers (as safe as one can be, anyway). I still have the other servers to use for socialization and buying and selling to my heart's content, just this one server will be cut off from my little network. It's really making me look forward to the reset!
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  11. How is going native on one server different to logging off and going on a single player game? Is it because of supporter channel and tells?
  12. Pretty much.
  13. hmm well I think I agree with you, I think it's good to do a bit of both. i'm on utopia so it's not hard core survival, but my pros and cons:

    • the freedom of living far away and knowing you can build stuff and it will probably still be there next time you log on.
    • being able to explore stuff and be the first to go places
    • finding new interesting landscapes
    • treasure hunting
    • not being able to trade
    • not being able to talk in town
    • not being able to participate in events and competitions
    • not being able to see things others make
    for me the best option is to have my wilderness base but also visit town, but I think margaritte's option is about the same but without the travel :)
  14. These are definitely factors. Because of them I chose a server that I never visited and had no real ties to for my wilderness adventure.
  15. yep, what i meant was that we both get around not having the cons by doing some of each, you switch servers, I travel in my tunnel :)
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