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  1. Hey all I have a wild community going on on smp1. We have multiple villages (mining, fishing, and logging). Our main one is the mining village where I keep my house. Why set up this thread now? We have had this community for a while now and we have a small population. We have only about 7 people. We had a meeting a couple minutes ago and we decided we need a population rise. Im not giving out co-ordinates. I'll set myself up onto the live map.
    Activities- Fishing, farming, boat racing, building, mining, and Nether exploration. I warn you our Nether portal is a little glitchy.
    Places to see- fishing village, logging village, mining village where most people find us, multiple shop buildings for sale in the mining village, the Creeper Cafe in the mining village, the Army base in the mining town, Hydro Handyman's work building, and thats about it.
    Hope to see you there!
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  2. Id like to join as a woodcutter. I can provide axes and lead some woodcutting missions. How many players are with you?
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  3. I'd like to hunter (if thats an available option) If its not i would lke to be boat racer helll yeahhh
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  4. 7 are with us but only 3- me, devon699, and L0tad are the ones mainly on.
    Yes its an option but we dont have that many animals where we are.
  5. Are you on right now? Id be interested in starting there asap.
  6. No Im not and I wont be able to for the rest of the night (its 8:05 here)
  7. I'm thinking about joining, maybe help mining or building. :3
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  8. Well could i be boat racer? and a transport system of outposts wth my boat :)
  9. Sure Im gonna get on after school today which will be about 4:00 PM EST
  10. Right now?
  11. I dont know really. Right now we have to pay 200r each month due to our prime minister. I started the town but I have no governmental position. I plan to go make another town somewhere else.
    Im sooo sorry about this
  12. Wanna make a town on SMP3 right now? Im ready to go.
  13. Sorry I like to make towns on my home server but Im gonna go logging to clear some space for the new town Im making.
    If you want I can set myself up on the live map and you can come to help.
  14. I don't see you on the server.
  15. I can get on hold on pm me when your on your way.
  16. Can i have coords or something?
  17. He isn't online right now.
  18. The answer is right here.