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  1. Hey Yall'!
    My name is Nick/HairyEagle/Biscuitboy5396/whatever people call me behind my back, and today I am coming to you in search for a partner(s) in the settlement in a new and small wild community. We would be 50/50, 33/33/33, 25/25/25/25 ect owners/founders.
    My goal is to create a tight knit community with less regulations and rules then that of most wild community supergiants. If you are interested in joining my efforts (which I hope some of you are xD), have a Skype and Mic, please send me a PRIVATE message with your age, gender (I will not discriminate against either gender or age), your primary server (where you have a majority of your residences) and we'll get some information transferred :) I repeat though, PLEASE SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE, communication in the forums may lead some of the more apt griefers to our pending location.
    To be fair I will 1st off give you guys some info about myself
    AGE: 17
    GENDER: Male ("Nick", "biscuitBOY5396"0
    EXPERIENCE IN FRONTIER: LOADS, including mob farms, iron farms, farms in general, camouflage against greifers, redstone and more
    WHAT I'M LOOKING TO GET OUT OF THIS: Fun and some new EMC friends

    Thanks in advance for all that apply :) -Nick
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  2. By nick...
    Do you mean biscuitbboy is simultaneously nick?
    as in 5013?
  3. Nick is my IRL name, you know the fake one (xD)
  4. I do? :p
  5. This sound s like .my kind of place my LP could be benefiting from this to will pm u
  6. Bump. ALSO I REITERATE, I am looking for a SMALL TIGHT KNIT community, not a super large one full of regulations...
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  7. Got it I rethought on it and fixed it.