Wild Buddy.

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  1. Looking for a member to travel into the vast wild to live with. Please include the following if you would like to join me in my endeavors:
    Skype ( a requirement):
    Primary Server:
    Wild Experience:
    Wild Specialties:
    Why you want to join me:

    Thanks in advance for you application :)
  2. Which server? I'm on smp1
  3. I stealthily am asking which server it would be on by requesting you tell me your primary server that you play on. If I play on ... Smp8 and you play on Smp2 we wouldn't do it on those two servers. Thanks for the inquiry though :)
  4. I'm content with my res, sorry man
  5. IGN: IronicSwordPlay
    Age: 14
    Skype ( a requirement): Yes
    Primary Server: SMP3
    Wild Experience: Lots of mining and building
    Wild Specialties: Farm building
    Why you want to join me: Cause then u can be part our youtube LP and it sounds cool!
  6. Didn't you leave?
  7. I did... but I unleft? xD
  8. well thats better news for me XD