[Wiki]Marlix's Drops

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  1. Hey, I noticed that on Marlix's drops listed on the official wiki page, it didn't list a vault voucher, when I killed my very first Marlix, It dropped one. I'm not sure if his drops were changed or if it were missing it :)
  2. Drops were changed. Marlix and Momentus now have the chance to drop stable vouchers and or vault vouchers (possible to get both from one)
  3. huh?
    Check again :cool:
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  4. #RainbowTrollChin :p
  5. lol just killed a marlix and got 2 vault vouchers :D
  6. and tick tock clocks
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  7. :O
  8. tick tock clocks from bosses ._.
  9. theres only meant to be 2 in existance...
  10. cfg.png
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  11. >.>
  12. ticking tocks are EXTREMELY rare.... Bite did you get one :O ?
  13. Me and mman2832 have those 2 I think - unless bitemenow15 just got one :p
    Here is mine:
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