Wicked Party At 8538!

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  1. Tonight at 12:50pm AEDT Time at 8538 I had the most Awesome party Ever! About 6 people attended and hopefully will post in this forum! :) I had a party because I reached the 10k mark! And the next time I have a party will be when I reach either 15k or 20k. I will ONLY drop diamonds at those parties so please donate for the next party as it will be expensive. The stuff I dropped at the party were: 18 Iron Injots, 64 Bonemeal, 3 Stacks of Wheat, 3 stacks of Sugar Cane, 1 DIAMOND, 1 Slime Ball and 64 Powered Rails! So if you thought that was cool wait till I reach 20k! DIAMONDS ONLY! I will drop them all in my shop!! So if you want that to happen please donate to joshyrocks13 by typing ingame
    /r pay joshyrocks13 $$$
    Thankyou to everyone that came and I hope you enjoyed it. The Official jobs are, Res Senior Moderator, Res Moderator, Camera Man, Video Man and Advertiser. One job has already been taken and that job is Senior Res Moderator, CaptainM Has that job. If you would like a job at the parties please post in this Forum in this Format:
    That is all as it should be quite easy to join.

    Thanks and enjoy.