Why Won't Iron Golems and Snow Golems Spawn?

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  1. I built 3 iron golems and none of them spawned why is this?
  2. In town or in the waste?
  3. Town never tried waste.
  4. If it is in town they don't spawn,I don't know why tho. But in the waste I am pretty sure they work.
  5. No aggressive mobs in town, only animals. A couple snow golems would be cool though. I would not build anything that you want to keep in the waste. Build structures you want to keep in the wild, since the waste will be reset every 3 or 4 months (soon). I hope that helps.
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  6. Iron golums arent aggressive theyer passive like wolves:p
  7. Don't they attack you when you hit them?
  8. Usually, but not on EMC.
  9. If Iron Golem are spawn by a village then yes they will be hostile if attacked.
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  10. I think the main reason why they're not allowed is because people could build farms on their residences which effectively makes it easier to farm the materials they produce, not because they could attack as there is no damage in town.
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  11. What kind farm are u taking about a snow farm?
  12. Iron farm
  13. I know some people who have snow golems on their reses, but they made those back when it was possible for a short while. Otherwise, those two types of golems can only be made in the wild/wastes, and not in town anymore.
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  14. Now that it's come up: is there a reason? Their passive/hostile behavior seems pretty similar to wolves.
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  15. One specific reason I know of is that they leave snow trails on the town road. You can see one between BlackKnight1021's res and BrenJone's res on Smp8 from the snow golems they had roaming around.
  16. Snow golems were banned in town due to making the town ugly by spreading snow everywhere. Iron golems were banned for various reasons.

    I currently have some snow golems on my property (I've had them since before they were banned), but some of the Staff members gave me permission to keep them and use them when I need to, because they're contained and don't cause any problems.