Why Supporter Chat is Dangerous. Special thanks to Miley Cryus

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  1. Hello. So Jacob wanted me to make a thread about this.
    Just well yeah. Welcome to Smp2
    2013-12-30_13.05.21.png 2013-12-30_13.05.53.png
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  2. really you just had to ninja me. ;_;
  3. there I fixed mine
  4. thanks and did you enjoy the melons i dropped off into your inventory on smp4.. *evil laugh*
  5. Wow, just wow.....
  6. Seemed a bit excessive. What am I supposed to do with all those melons
  7. Eat them
  8. Definitely not that hungry. for that MANY
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  9. Twerking, 5th leading cause of home injury for young adults...

    *disclaimer I made this up for the sake of comedy..,
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  10. Step 6 (optional) Make a video more offensive than bound 2.
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  11. i had an inventory full, so i threw most of them out until i noticed your inventory was full with junk. it's only like 15 stacks you got so auction dem.