Why? No slots!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by dograbbitbeaver, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I haven't been able to get on any of the servers in almost three days! I'm afraid I'll lose my lot!
    This is quite terrible! I can't afford to become a supporter I bought my cousins a couple accounts the other day. I have empty pockets!

    If this goes on... poof! there goes my lot, my hard work, my shop-with diamonds(I don't think I'm out...),my obstacle course.... This is just.... really.... terrible. *Looks down in terror*:(
  2. Sorry we are working day and night to add more servers :)

    IF you connect to ANY Empire server it will reset the 10 day countdown. So connect to utopia.EmpireMinecraft.com and it counts :) Also soon I will be adding site activity also resets the countdown.
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  3. Oh, thanks, I can connect even if I'm not a supporter?
  4. Yes you can. You just won't be able to do anything but walk around and look as a regular member...but it counts as "signing in". :)
  5. even if you add more serevers smp1 and 2 will still be full becuse thats where people have there res it will only be quite for a few days like it was when smp2 came out then all 3 will be full :(
    not saying im not greatfull for what you doing because i am but was just saying that what i think will happen
  6. Yup...and as long as we keep getting support we'll add more servers. :)
  7. yyeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!
  8. what i think but what will be extremely difficult to do and probs wont happen is that the toens need to be small so that there is not 1500 people trying to get on each server but only say 1000 but that would require moving some of the res in smp1 and 2 to smp3 when it comes out and wouyld be hard to do i think
  9. To avoid the derelict policy and collect my sign in bonus, I just go onto the Utopia.
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  10. i think cdboi has a really good point here i mean the town has 1500 occupied residences.....this means that there are maybe about 1000 or even less, maybe 500 people (only talking about free members) who want to join the server everyday but there are ONLY 45 slots!!!!
    i think this server is awsome and i am also very grateful for what u admins are doing but maybe......
    idk, i dont want to say what u should or even what u could do because i have no idea what it means to host a server.....
    but its just too bad to wait hours or even days (referring to what dograbbitbeaver said) to be able to log on and play on ur own residence
  11. Well, you have to remember, just because there are 1500 residences claimed, doesn't mean all 1500 try to get on at one time. There's a very large chunk of people that eventually just leave or forget to return and we reclaim those residences for new people to get them. I know what you guys are trying to get at is a perfect way to make it so anyone can connect at anytime...but realistically, that's not possible based on the numbers. This is one of the reasons we created the supporter system, so that people can play when they want.

    At just $5.00 for the smallest subscription, I like to think of it this way. How long does it take someone to earn $5.00 at a job these days? Less than one hour? Well, if you're going to subscribe, odds are you're going to spend many many more than just one hour playing on the server, so after the first hour your $5.00 is covered in terms of "fun time" and everything after that is bonus. :)
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