Why no matter where I go, I will always consider the wild my home.

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  1. I have joined other servers.

    I have been spawnkilled, griefed, murdered, and many things.


    I can remember when I played here, built constructions that weren't torn down, and I wasn't murdered for mining.

    The wild is my home. It always will be.

    It was my birthplace of Multiplayer where people banded together not to kill, but to aid each other.

    (Sorry Volt, I just can't take on the hold of things like CC and CE. I was pearled. Just for bloody mining in the middle of nowhere... These servers are corrupted. You need PP to be fully removed for society to function. Oh, and some terrible people play those servers. Being told to commit suicide using a 9mm is just disgusting... i'm sorry I quit CC and CE, the servers where I could have worked. But in operation, they were just worse for me.)
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  2. Indeed it's fun not to always have your weapons and a stack of tnt with OP apples when going in the wild. But my farms get damaged or griefed more often than on factions because of the no protection this server is offering. Crossing my fingers that Dragon Tombs comes out soon.
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