Why is there so much lag on smp8?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by BobTheTomato9798, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. On every server I am getting around 100fps but when I get on smp8 I get around 10fps. Does anyone know why?
  2. im checking now ;)
  3. end of stream i will try again
  4. where are you on SMP8? in town i got no lag. But im using Optifine
  5. The mobs are lagging for me on smp1, but that's it. I have no framerate drops.
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  6. This is SMP9, but likely same thing for 8 :(

    This is why we are starting talks of limiting animals in town -- this is really straining the servers.
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  7. Seeing that your inventory is full of sheep...
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  8. Because he's eggifying them in the res he's in.
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  9. Some people would rather get rupees by having a million sheep to shear and lag everyone else than just have about 10-20 sheep, which with grass can create a whole lot of wool (not pointing at anyone here, just stating).
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  10. So what is the limit?
  11. They were talking about 150 mobs per res, don't know if that's final.

    I am setting up a shearing shop at my res for myself and for other people. It will be a little slow because I only have 1 sheep per colour, but I won't lag the whole server out. I'll just have those sheep and 2 pigs to breed for meat and 2 cows for milk and meat.
  12. I think it is also because of my res 16022 on 8. Aikar do you think you could get on and egg some of the villagers for me? I cannot get on the res because it is to laggy for me