Why is the default difficulty increased ?

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  1. I get the feeling the default difficulty is increased to a level thats annoying at night.
    Creepers (sometimes more) spawn behind your back and blow everything apart.
    When your finaly done with repairing its night again and the blow it again apart.
    And that corner is not really dark.

    Your only running around repairing stuff this way. Start to get annoying.
    Also increasing griefer reports to mods. because the next day people
    come there's lots of damage or unknow damage.

    I know you better dont get outside at night.. :eek:
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  2. At one point Staff decided we needed to go from Easy Difficulty to Normal.

    I know in desert areas there are TONS of creepers. Lighting up doesn't always help :(.
  3. i play on 7 unarmored quite frequently and never have this problem. ill tell you what my old drill sergeant told me "gotta keep ya neck on a swivel boy!"
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  4. difficulty level has not been changed in ages, and difficulty level also does not play any part in spawn rates or locations that i know of.

    There are a few client mods that can help you light up your area.
  5. If you don't want to fight monsters or deal with monster damage, the best thing is to always, switch servers when night comes. Its easy, just have one server for wild or waste play and another for town play. As soon as night comes, switch to town, or if you prefer, another server in the wild or waste. The day/night cycle is different for each server I believe. You don't have to be at a spawn point to switch. Just type /server smp[number you want to go to]

    If it really bothers you, it might be worth it to you to become a gold supporter. Utopia wild and waste is always daytime. You still get monsters in utopia in underground dark areas, but you can explore the surface and build without a lot of hassle.

    Hope these ideas help make your EMC experience better.
  6. Also switching to a lower difficulty can help exterminate the monsters quicker if difficulty is not a desire for you.
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